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    Privacy statement

    TMS+ is developed and operated by ANSTA Sp. z o.o., VAT ID : PL5842732278. All user personal information is considered private. TMS+ does not share any personal information of its users with 3rd parties.

    Where is personal information stored?

    ANSTA Sp. z o.o. is sharing with 3rd parties in any way.

    How is personal information secured?

    TMS+ protects personal information with use of the latest industry standards and security measures. TMS+ uses SSL/TLS encryption (secure sockets layer / transport layer security) for protection of user data and personal information.

    A TMS+ user can access and update personal information after signing in to his/her TMS+ account and change it under the account settings page. To sign in, the user is required to know his/her login credentials - email address and password. There is no way to access personal information without knowing the login credentials, therefore no unauthorized party can access it.

    What kind of personal information is being collected?

    TMS+ might, but is not obliged to, collect following information. All personal information mentioned below is considered private and is handled according to this privacy statement.

    How do we use Cookie files?

    While using TMS+, temporary files, known as Cookie files, can be stored and processed. By processing cookie files personal information might be collected and linked with the visitor. This personal information is used solely to improve the TMS+ services. TMS+ respects privacy of its users and visitors and while processing Cookie files we follow the privacy rules of the European Union.

    A visitor can prevent collection and storing of Cookie files by turning off Cookies, or browsing the web in Incognito (private) mode, where he/she remains anonymous. This mode is supported in all modern browsers. By doing so, the user acknowledges that TMS+ services might not work properly and that use of TMS+ services can exhibit unexpected behavior.

    Changes of this privacy statement

    TMS+ reserves the right to change or update this privacy statement without further notice. It is recommended that users check this privacy statement regularly to have the latest information about TMS+ privacy policy. An up-to-date version of this privacy statement can always be found on our website https://tms.plus/.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about these Privacy statement, please contact us.

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